I regularly take on commissions. 

Some general information about commissions:

All commissions are priced to represent time and my studio brand. Also factored into my pricing is over two decades of experience working at my trade and the efforts I have put forth making works I feel offer joy and beauty and do their part to enrich the worlds of those that have supported me along the way.

I stand by my vision with absoluteness and treat each work ever conceived and produced, no matter size or degree of resolution, with the utmost respect.    

Commissions are also priced higher as they are custom creations and a unique marriage of a client and the creator. The special attention to detail this requires elevates almost all time amassed behind the wheel for the artist.

The highest quality materials are used to create paintings that are custom built. I purchase and mill the raw lumber that makes the stretchers. I stretch the canvas that I purchase for each job. Each canvas is prepared and worked at length using quality artist materials that I must constantly restock. I also hand build a unique frame for every single painting that leaves my studio which must be milled and painted and fitted with each work. There is also the packing and shipping aspect of each painting which consumes considerable amounts of time, particularly during the holiday season.   

My works are intended to last a lifetime. They also come with lifetime repair assurance. 

Pricing Rubric:

Generally, landscapes and portraits are priced $2-4 dollars per square inch, adjustable when a final size is decided upon as well as a discussion has taken place between myself and the client with regard to expectations. This adjustment will factor in level of refinement, complexity of subject/composition as well as numbers of persons or complex architecture in a painting. "Likeness Specificity" is very time consuming and quickly increases the studio time required. All factors including later stage adjustments and tuning can effect the final price in either direction. Also please remember these paintings include frames. Frame construction is time intensive. You are receiving a unique and one of a kind piece of artwork that will never be duplicated. 

An 11x14" canvas has 154 square inches. At $2.00 a square inch this would amount to roughly $300.  At $3.00, it would cost $450.  At $4.00, $600.              These price points are arrived at after discussing specs with the client. Also, please remember payment plans may be arranged.                                                                     


Once a price is arrived at, I ask 1/2 of total cost to be paid up front, with the final 1/2 to be paid upon receipt of finished work. This is adjustable upon request and optional payment plans are available, if possible. 


All paintings are made using artist grade oil paint, cold-pressed linseed oil, odorless mineral spirits, Gamblin Galkyd and topped with one layer spray varnish.  They are painted on 100% cotton canvas. Linen is available but is considerably more expensive than cotton. Frames are cut from milled pine and painted white, brown or black. Additional frame colors are available but I find these 3 colors to be overwhelmingly popular. 


I ask the all images submitted for use as source material be of high resolution and optimal clarity. If possible, multiple angles and samples are greatly appreciated. Please send images in .jpeg format. They can be emailed to artroams@gmail.com. 


All work is typically completed within a 6-8 week window from receipt of first deposit. 

Interested in hiring me or for general questions:

Please feel free to email me at artroams@gmail.com or text at 413 262 4877.